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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Writing Competition Numero Dos

April 2, 2020


    Hello welcome back here! I got bored and have nothing to do the rest of this month- well i have homework but who cares that's normal and i don't vibe with that. Continuing on, i wanna see some more ideas and interesting pieces from you all and since competitions seem to bring out a lot i'm gonna host one. I did one many months ago, possibly last year, don't exactly remember. Okay enough blabbering let's get into it.
    So what i wanna do is host a competition and i'll post the prompt below. I'll put a list for the prizes and give a deadline that hopefully i can also follow. Since i'm on a writing spree i'm gonna write some things after this post that you can feel free to check out eventually. Or you could work on an entry. You know the deal.

Prompt 1:
Write a story about your main character entering another realm. I have an idea that i'm gonna post today that might give some inspiration. No i'm not gonna participate in my own contest. You can choose whatever perspective you want but to get a good read i say 300 words is your minimum for this. After that, the sky is the limit but please, spare me.

Prompt 2:
I'm gonna add a few prompts to give some variety here. Since i like reading those suspenseful cliffhangers, write a story that ends off on a cliffhanger but is also a horror story. Could be the monster under your bed, who knows? (see i referenced the piece before this). Your limit here is 250 word to 800 words. Wanna keep this a bit of a short story.

Prompt 3:
Write yourself into the realm of a book you read. Could be Percy Jackson (my favorite series ever) or any book you've ever read. Make sure to mention the book somewhere in the piece. Could be in the footnotes. I'm gonna leave no word limit on this. Knock yourself out.

    As you see, three prompts have been provided. You may publish ONLY ONE piece PER prompt. Go ahead and do all three or do one prompt. Up to you. I'm going to do prizes for each prompt so you win something for each writing style. Here's the prizes.

First Place- A follow (unless i already do), 10 likes on pieces of my choice, and five reviews on pieces on my choice. To make this worth something, you get to choose one of the five i should review.
Second Place- A follow (unless i already do), 5 likes on pieces of my choice, and three reviews on pieces of my choice.
Third Place- A follow (unless i already do), 3 likes on pieces of my choice, one review on a piece of my choice.

    For all participants i will try to like and/or comment at least one piece but i can't guarantee unless you win. Each prompt will have winners so go ahead and show your skills. I'm gonna give you all a deadline and then you do you.

April 2nd, 2020 through April 18th 2020. 

    I hope that's enough time so go ahead and provide comments if you want to see a change for anything here. Good writing to you all, enjoy your day! I'll see you all later. I'll go something of my own now.

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  • CreativeAngel


    about 1 year ago
  • camlily

    This is such a good idea and I hope more people enter. I might, you never know :)

    about 1 year ago