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Writing Streak Week 1 Day 4

April 2, 2020


First Fast Food Meal in a Month!

Earlier tonight, local girl lamonnaie and family were spotted feasting on rotisserie chicken and fries from their local chicken shop. 
"I was craving this so bad!" says lamonnaie's sister. "Quarantine means that we've barely been going out. FINALLY, we can get some junky stuff in here."
With one look at their pantry showing stockpiles of quinoa and chia seeds, it's clear that this was a much-needed intervention. Yet lamonnaie seems to think differently.
"I don't know, all of this junk food's left me feeling kinda bad," she comments.
Despite what various family members might think, it's clear that in the moment, absolutely no one was complaining as they stuffed their faces.


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