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Hi, I'm Em. I'm a British kind-of-writer and kind-of-guitarist who has just discovered this website and, honestly? It's pretty difficult to get my head around.

Anyway, just whipped this up. This is a first draft, so please let me know what you think! I would really appreciate your views.


April 1, 2020


Mothballs of sun tumble in
Soak the floor and my feet in a wet photon sweep
Sweet, violently polleny
Giving the lino hayfever
But I, photovoltaic, vulture-like, thrive
And burn last night’s bitterness in it
And I am
Dragonesque, untranslatable, rolling off the bed and tasting linseed, cork,
As I synthesise my own dialect.
I hold one of your socks to my mouth. It could work as a muzzle- I think you said that once. But I speak into it. When you hold a seashell to your ear, you’ll surely hear my Calliopic voice, breath whistling through teeth.
Caress my own hand, coax myself up
Here, baby, come on, sugar
Birthday cake breakfast, handshake buttressed
By your fennish smell.
I want that which you want.
Show me, tell me:
Wedding gifts,
A brother’s prayer,
Solemn wings,
Bromegrass, roots of ginger,
A single Delphic body- yours, mine, interwoven as twine,
Skin laced with silvery tracts, spined gills at the throat- an antagonistic Adam’s apple;
Tonic to be poured into hewed trenches.
Summon my wraith and kiss me.


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  • DarkRaven808

    Wow, gorgeous work!

    3 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    this is STUNNING!!! I love this so much!!! wow, beautiful work.
    Welcome to wtw!!! if you ever need anything, drop a comment on my page. I'm happy to help! :)

    3 months ago