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My name is Lia and I'm fifteen years old. I'm a poet and a writer focusing on realistic fiction. I'd love to try my hand at writing sci-fi one day. My pronouns are she/her or they/them. I hope you enjoy my work!

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I'd love your thoughts on the relatability of the piece, what it made you feel (if anything) and why.

Across The Styx

April 1, 2020


Every worksheet I was planning on throwing out,
I will now keep.
I’ll keep them because they have her writing on them,
Answers to problems I couldn’t figure out,
Smiley faces and hearts,
Sometimes sad faces and stars.
I wish that I could keep more of her handwriting,
Her journals full of her thoughts,
A list of everything she’d been through
I wish I could keep her rings,
Wearing a piece of her everywhere I go.
I wish I could keep her smile,
I didn’t get to see it a lot,
But when I did it was beautiful.
I wish I could keep her clothes too,
The hoodie she always wore
I wish I could keep her music playlist
The songs that kept her alive so many times
Until her phone died and she went with it
But all I’ll have are memories.
All I’ll have are the spaces she used to be,
The empty desk next to me,
The dead air on the other side of the phone.
I’ll lose the worksheets.
Her family will get every material possession
Her playlist will be lost to time and her smile with it.
All that I will be left with is a blank waiting to be filled.
This is a piece that I performed at a Project Lit slam a couple of months ago. It's generally meant to be a spoken piece, but I'd like to share it here too.


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  • mia_:)

    Great work! I'm super happy to be your first follower! If you need anything, comment on one of my posts and I'll get back to you. You're super talented!

    8 months ago