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Forever Lost

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March 31, 2020


    I could feel his gaze on me, he was sitting so close to me it was hard to breath let alone think. I knew his face like the back of my hand, a scar running down his temple and into his green eye, his black hair windswept, and his lean frame taller than I. He had confronted me earlier today, his words echoed in my ears. 

"My name is Blake, what's yours?" He asked in his deep, but gentle voice. "My name is Clarissa." I said timidly. He chuckled, "I would like to welcome you to our high school. I would also like to ask you on a date." He ran his fingers through his hair. I glanced up at him in fright, and turned around. I walked away and went into the bathroom so he couldn't follow me. I slumped against the door, the last time someone asked me out it ended in heartbreak and betrayal.

   My last boyfriend cheated on me multiple times, got drunk and high often, and then he dumped me... ON MY BIRTHDAY... which was also our first year anniversary.
    That night we were at his house, he was throwing a new years party for his friends and mine. He made spiked strawberry lemonade and I was drinking a cup. He said he had a gift for my birthday and our anniversary in one, he said it was going to be spectacular. At midnight, he grabbed a microphone and blaring on the speakers was my gift. His break up with me and him telling me he cheated on me. I ran away after I poured my cup of lemonade on him and throwing the huge bowl of it on his electronics and the girl he was cheating on me with. I cried for days.
Blake has been kind to me, but I hear whispers about his last girlfriend. She did the exact same thing to him that my last boyfriend did to me, I don't want to be used so he can learn to love again. Or be used to get back at her, I want to get over my last boyfriend in peace.

   The bell rang and I hurried out of the classroom, Blake caught up to me when I stopped at my locker. "Clarissa, I heard about what happened at your last school. About the party and what he did to you. I'm sorry for what I said earlier, I understand your pain. Just, please don't close me out. We can go slow, I promise." He said gently, a tear escaped my eye and I quickly wiped it away. "I-I can't, Blake. I won't be the person who you use to get back at your last girlfriend, I won't be used period." I regretted the words immediately after I said them. He stumbled away from me as if I had hit him, hurt danced in his eyes. "Blake, I'm sorry. I just... there's no excuse for what I said. I hope you can forgive me." I said quietly. Great, just great! Way to go! You just ruined your love life forever. 
   "No, it's alright. I understand, I promise I won't hurt you." He whispered, it seemed like we were the only ones in the room. I shut my locker when I had everything gathered, "Alright, if the offer is still on the table. I'll... I'll go on a date with you." I smiled up at him, he took my hand and my breath quickened in panic. I fought it and calmed down, "Friday night?" He asked. "Definitely." I answered. "Oh, and amazing revenge on him. That was the only good part of the story." He smiled and let go of my hand, and I was blown away in disbelief that I actually said yes. Maybe I can get over my last boyfriend. 
I just let my mind flow with imagination and emotion. I hope you like it!

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    good job! This is really good.

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    Thank you for entering!! :)

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