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The Boy Next Door

April 2, 2020


    Lathering my hands with lavender lotion, I look out my bedroom window to see a fluffy white cat prance past the window directly across from mine. I stifle a giggle and peer into the dark room. I don't recognize the objects sitting in the usually vacant room.
    The house next to ours is owned by Mrs. Harper, she's basically the neighborhood grandma. She was supposed to live in a nursing home but her family one of her relatives should come to stay with her instead. Maybe the stuff in the empty room belongs to whoever is going to live with her.
    I brush my questions away and amble to my bed. Opening my computer, I find myself gazing through my window into the unfamiliar room once more. Why am I so curious about this? 
    My eyes widen when I see light spill into the room next door. I crane my neck so I can see who's there. The figure walks in the door and I can almost make out a fa- I fall of my bed with a loud "Whoop!"
    The figure stops dead and turns their head towards the window. They walk over to where the light begins. My heart skips when the shadow becomes a boy. He meets my eyes with his creamy latte colored irises and butterfly eyelashes.
    I notice he's got a small yet noticeable line of snow white hair running from above his left eyebrow to the front of his left ear. He's got honey kissed skin and other than his snowy thread he's got muddy and smooth hair. 
    He cocks his head to the side when I continue to stare. I'm suddenly self conscious about the grubby t shirt and shorts I've been wearing since Tuesday and my fluffy hair pulled back into a droopy little bun. Not knowing how to react, I simply smile and wave. 
    He smiles back. His smile melts down my chest like a bowl of warm soup. His eyes light up and he disappears next to the window. I begin to wonder if I've scared him off when he reappears with a pad of paper and a marker. Confusion bites at my tongue but I simply watch. 
    Pulling the cap of the marker he writes something then rips the paper off the notepad and sticks it to the window. I'm Ben is printed in big letters. 
    I raise my eyebrows and realize what he's doing. I run over and grab my notebook and pen off of my dresser and write I'm Hadley then place it on my window. 
    Ben turns back to his pad and writes Pleasure to make your acquaintance, hadley. in response. Giggles leap off my tongue and Ben laughs too. We 'chat' for an hour or longer. I learn that Mrs. Harper is his grandmother and the cat's name is Micci. 
    Mom calls me down for dinner so I write BRB, gotta eat!!! Ben frowns but I go down anyway.
    "So, what've you been up to in your room?" Mom interrogates. I stab a piece of pasta with my fork. "Oh, nothing. Just the usual poems and stuff." She looks at me and raises her eyebrow. If she had something to say she must have decided not to say it because we eat the rest in silence. 
    Once I'm finished, I run up the staircase to my room two steps at a time to get to my room. When I reach my window, I'm utterly speechless. When Ben and I were writing to each other before I mentioned to Ben that I liked Shakespeare.
    So, when I was downstairs eating he'd written out all of Romeo's speech in the balcony scene. From the first "But soft!" to the last "that I might touch that cheek," every word was there. In colorful pencils, markers and different paper. 
    After reading Ben's work of art for the third time, I noticed him sitting behind them smiling and watching me inhale all the beautiful words. Tears danced down my bright red cheeks. I grab my notebook and write This is the most beautiful thing anyone's ever done for me! Thank you. Then I may or may not have drawn a heart after it.
    Ben turned his head to the sunset. The marvelous blues, vibrant oranges and gorgeous purples reflected in his sparkling eyes. The way his face lit up in the wondrous colors and how his smile chased the hurt from my soul, in that moment was when I first knew I loved that boy. 
    A few days after, the day was absolutely beautiful. I had woken up to a note on Ben's window saying You know where Kilter's field is? I wrote Yes... why? curiosity bubbling inside of me. Come and you'll see.
    So I shower and dug through my closet in search of a decent outfit. I settle on a pale yellow sundress with off the shoulder ruffles. 
    "Where are you running off to today, young lady?" Mom probes. I plaster my best smile on, "Mom, I'm going to Kilter's field since it's such an amazing day." Whew, that was so cheesy, I could put it on a piece of bread and call it grilled cheese! Somehow Mom buys it, or she doesn't care because when I'm gone she gets free time alone.
    I walk down the street and turn when I get to the small coffee shop on the corner. Once I get to Kilter's I search for Ben. After looking for a second or so, I make out a figure sitting by a large tree. Once I walk closer I realize it's Ben. His snow streak catches the light and give off an aura around his head like a halo. 
    I sit down next to him and he looks at me. I brush a small hair away from my eye and he smiles. Staring out at the view the sigh takes my breath away. "It's so beautiful." I gush. 
    I feel Ben's eyes on me and he acknowledges my comment by lacing his gentile fingers through mine. Chills crawl up my spine. I let my head rest of his shoulder. He gazes at me and I sit up and kiss him. Soft yet firm. Gentle yes passionate.
    He kisses me back and I wrap my free hand around his neck, warmth welling up inside of me as we share this moment that will last forever. 
    I hear him confess "I love you" in my ear. I smile and kiss him again. I love you too.
This is based on abi's pov's poem: I want to wash my hands to rid of your germs, but they stick like honey to my palms|Loved and Lost. Everyone in the comments was desperate for a novel version of it... so here it is!

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