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Message to Readers

This is for abi's pov's contest. I hope it doesn't suck. I'm not to great at poems.

Coffee Eyes | Poetic

March 31, 2020


I tap my fingers on my dresser.
Gazing out the window I see his honey skin and starlight hair.
My soul melts and I turn my head from my window to avoid staring.
I feel his coffee eyes wandering through my window. 
Smile crawling upon my lips like a slow caterpillar.
He returns my smile with a face that send me chills like a cold drink of lemonade. 
I long to run outside and sit beside him.
He sends stars through the milky depths of my mind.
I blink when the sound of my sisters laughing outside my door wakes me.
Peering outside, you seem to have vanished.
The honey drips and the starlight dims.
My soul hardens.
The coffee eyes I long to see are empty.
The caterpillar smile has fallen and slipped away.
The lemonade chills are replaced with hot embarrassment.
The stars in my mind are lost in an instant.
And I realize you were never real.

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  • abi's pov

    Thank you for entering! :)

    10 months ago