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Yes, I am aware I did not put a 'n' on my name. No I do not care.

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Yes I do know these are highly controversial topics, but everyone has to start somewhere. If it is negative feedback do not even reply.

Why Can't These Be True.

May 18, 2015


  1. I wish that cancer has a cure, and that they don't have to suffer through it. Cancer patients around the world are strong, but they all wish that it had a cure. At least most of them do anyways...
  2. Why is Abortons an option? Babies should not have to pay for the mothers wrong doing. If she did not want to get pregnant then why have sex?
  3. World hunger should not be an issue, yet it is. People are so selfish and concerned with money that they do not want to help a starving country, and this goes right along with lack of fresh water. If your family was struggling would you want that, or even wish that on your worst enemy? No, you would not because unlike stepping on a lego it can kill you. Famine is not something you want to go through. 
  4. Wars should not even be a thing. Who even started the concept of wars? I am sure you got super mad, but that is no reason to kill another human being. In a few years you will look back and say 'That was silly, and I cant believe I was even mad'.
  5. Do people even realize that this planet is slowly dying? I mean sure it will not just die tomorrow, but future generations might have a destroyed planet. Everyone needs to be more concious and take care of Earth. 
  6. Just because you are a certain race or your sexuality is considered a sin doesn't mean people can hurt you. Everybody deserves to be treated with respect unless they have done something that truly is horrible. 
  7. Equality doesn't have to be given to a select few. We were once all given equality, or atleast it seemed that way. When equality is given to everyone we will be on a new path. A path that provides humans a chance to achieve equality, and many other achievements that man kind so desperately desire.
  8. Everything is always about money.The thing is not everybody has money, and they have to suffer through life. Not knowing when their next meal is, or even if they will have a next meal. Why is money the center of society? No I'm not saying that money should just be taken away because that would cause a chaotic up roar. What I am saying is that the prices should be lowered. I want to be able to go to college, but not with tuition sky high. 
  9. You ever have a new kid at school walk into class and you not judge them? Don't tell me 'no I haven't' because we all know you have. Sure you may not say it, but you have. Like how can we not judge them? It's the first thing we do. Just imagine if we did not judge people right away. New doors would open because humans would be open minded and slow to judge. Let me just say, if you don't know them don't jump to conclusions. They could be dying of cancer and you wouldn't even know. 
  10. You may treat your pet like your own child, but some humans do not have the decency to do so. Do they not think that animals have feelings? People who do this should be treated the same way they treat their animals. Who gave you the right to hit a dog just because you got mad? Now, I understand the difference between discipline and abuse. Don't get me wrong you should discipline your pet, but not abuse it. It has feelings, and you should care for it. If you had the intention of beating it you should have never gotten it in the first place. 

I swear I am not a tree hugger. 


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