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I like lists. Lists are good.

Writing Streak Week 1 Day 2

March 31, 2020


Local Girl Spotted Performing Bizarre Actions

Earlier today at 4:10 pm this afternoon, local schoolgirl lamonnaie was seen hunched over a notebook furiously scribbling out page after page of incoherent writing. Upon closer inspection, it could be seen that she was, in fact, writing out pages of lists.
"I like listing. It's fun, it's distracting, it's relaxing, it's great," she says. The various lists, with titles ranging from 'Lists of Hot Guys' to 'Checkworthy Tumblrs' to 'Things to do When You're Feeling Down,' could be seen taking up over 50 pages in lamonnaie's notebook. Yet that's not all.
"I have another notebook of lists and thoughts that I finished a couple of months ago," she shared with us, while continuing her latest list: "Ways to Socially Interact Without Actually Interacting Socially."


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