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this piece is as broken as it sounds. not saying i know all this from experience but i'm also saying i don't. anyway, i hope the power and emotion is hitting you like i want it too.
sorry about the weird structure, i'm trying something new out. it was an idea i had and kinda just went for it. so bare with me and please, tell me what you think. also yeah, i'm calling this lowercase prose.
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i would totally enjoy your feedback, so comment away!
if you feel like reviewing go for it, definitely interested in your critiques and highlights.

/the science of crying on the bathroom floor/

April 15, 2020



/ tripped into the room 'cause you were stumbling around the broken p i e c e s of a heart that litters the ground; it's even harder to see when the tears are blinding you and you're too weak to wipe them from your face
// nails chipped and broken, you take them in as you lie on the cold, hard floor [and it's funny how the thoughts "this tile doesn't go with my skin" pop into your mind when it feels like you've lost your sense and all]
/// at least there's a reason we store extra shampoo under the sink, we'll need more once i've finished washing the sin away | hands are raw but that doesn't matter, seems i can at least do something after all |
//// staring in the mirror only lasts three seconds before you've confessed to the world how ugly you are: perhaps cutting your hair? or just dying the damn thing?
//// people got a funny way of showing how they're feelin' - you would know, you've been on the wrong end of that concept before
/// the words "get over yourself" taste bitter but familiar, you're probably overreacting (that's what you've been told before) maybe its time to pick yourself off the floor
// the motivation is lost before it's even fully manifested, no one's perfect, right? that's what you tell yourself but it's a question, not a statement; it seems the whole worlds got herself figured out, except you
/ now you've realized, you just need music, it's the closest medication out there for someone like you. without it-you don't even have a damn clue how you'd make it through.
lowercase intentional. 
Finished: 3/31/2020


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  • Wisp

    Uh- No comments? Hold my "Dmoral's the Best" banner for me.
    "it's even harder to see when the tears are blinding you and you're too weak to wipe them from your face"
    "it's even harder to see when the tears are blinding you and you're too weak to wipe them from your face"
    Every single time I read a piece of yours, it's like being immersed into an entirely different world. Each one is raw and heartfelt and poignant and well-written, and I need to start creative some adjectives of my own just to describe your work. And this piece right here? By far one of my favorites from you.

    4 months ago