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April 30, 2014

In the novel, King Leopold's Ghost, Adam Hochschild describes the Congo which is owned by the Belgian King, Leopolds II. Hochschild brings life horror of imperialism and a time period through a picture of historical events. He relates the story of the author Joesph Conrad who went to the Congo and was frightened by the greed and cruelly among white men. Conrad wen on to write the Heart of Darkness. After he read Hochschild's excerpt from Conrad's Heart of Darkness, he changed his view. In the novel, Leopold viewed Joseph Conrad as a story teller because he didn't want the world to know what was really going on in the Congo. The book that Joseph Conrad had written was about the Congo, which changed the view of many. The people the Heart of Darkness changed were other countries and the people who wanted to stop it and try to make it right. They were changed by hearing and seeing the truth of what was happening in the Congo, this is a long lasting effect to this day. My thoughts on the Congo are awful, cruel and heartless. They were mean to the people because they wanted to make a profit off of the "slaves". If they didn't bring of rubber or coal or whatever they needed they would be killed right then and there. That's all they cared about, they didn't care about feeding them in order to keep the energy to keep looking. They lost so much, the wives and children were locked up and of their husband didn't provide enlighten they were kept locked up. No human is better than another, for them to shot the hard works are cruel and heartless. I wonder what gave them the power to control them poor people. Joseph Conrad's view on this is heart breaking. He writes about how awful it is there and how it's the worse place in the world. The fact that the Congo is still lasting to this day gets me angry just because one greedy man wanted it all and didn't care about the effect it on the people.

Question: How is this true of other individuals about whom Hochschild writes? In what way has this book affected your own view of human nature?

Chapter 9- Joseph Conrad
how did the characters get changed by leopold's greed
-lasting effect on congo
my thoughts
Joesph Conrad- was a riverbed captain on the congo rive in 1890, witnessing the atrocities of leoppold's congo and writing about them in his famous short novel, hear of darkness.


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