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This was difficult to write, but I felt the need to address this. I don't know if every author is like this, but I am impacted so much by my characters, and they feel real.

a tribute to the characters who are no longer with us

March 30, 2020



every name every face
every broken heart i write about
are within me
and are real
to me

the deaths that rock their worlds
rock mine as well
because they are all real
to me

i mourn for lives lost
i celebrate the victorious
and i hold each story inside me
because these people who suffer
these people who win and lose and fight
are real
to me

these are the ones i mourn
in my heart
because they are real
all are real
to me

mia was a victim
an innocent child who lost to evil
and i mourn her

andrei was a hero
who sacrificed his life for others
and i honor him

josh was a friend
who changed lives
and i cry for him

oliver was an orphan
who didn't deserve to die so young
and i am filled with anguish for him

lillian was a warrior
who fought the worst opponent of them all - herself
and my sorrow overflows for her

i speak for these lost souls
because even if they are only words on a page
they still exist within me
and their deaths bring me pain
as if they were real
to me
lowercase and grammar intentional
People never understand when I say that my fictional characters are like real people to me. They don't understand why I get upset when I have to write in the death of a character. The characters are a part of me, and I just tell their stories. If it wasn't painful for me to write, then it wouldn't be impactful to read. Here is a tribute to all of my characters whose lives have tragically ended. 


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  • A Certain Type of Decisive

    Here it is!
    I would say enjoy, but it's sad, so idk? Hope it's what you were looking for, I guess. I had fun writing it- hope you did, too!

    8 months ago
  • eflattering429

    Beautiful and very true. I have a gift for you check my feed.

    8 months ago
  • CreativeAngel

    you understand

    8 months ago
  • Maya'sTired

    I feel the same.

    8 months ago