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apartment 384

March 29, 2020



  I gaze out the window of my apartment, 384, not expecting to see anything unusual. As I look out over my small neighborhood I see something, apartment 383. People inside it. I grab my phone. I casually pull up the photo app. I zoom in to see the new people. 
    There's a mother, a father and a son. I zoom in on the son's face. He looks like he's 16, 17 maybe. I feel a smile spread over my lips. I hop off my old couch and run to my bedroom. I untie my robe and pull on my cutoff booty shorts and look through my closet for my blue skin tight tee shirt. 
    I walk to the bathroom and pull my hair into a topknot and I lightly reapply my mascara and lipstick. Enough to see but not too much so I look like I'm trying too hard. 
    I walk down the stairs to my basement and dig through my wide spread of gift bags for a good one. I grab a new candle from my shelf and place it in the bag along with a boatload of tissue paper. I whip up a quick Welcome to the Neighborhood card and shove it to the bottom of the bag and I wait. 
    While I'm waiting, I climb into the small alcove in my bedroom. The window there stares directly into one of the rooms. I see boxes sitting on the floor. I take out my phone and zoom in on the boxes. Ethan. I spit out a small giggle. 
    Once my waiting is over. I grab the bag and walk out the door. I see where the parent's cars were parked and I'm guessing the one in the garage is Ethan's. I rap my fist on the front door and peer through the small window and see a figure coming to the door.  
    The door opens. Ethan. I plaster a phony smile across my face and introduce myself. "Hi. I'm Elloise Wilson, or Ella for short."  I extend my arm out to shake his. Ethan slowly shakes my hand. "I'm Ethan Williams."
     I bite back the urge to say "I know" Instead I cough up a cheery, "Nice to meet you Ethan!" He nods. "Yeah, you too... Ella" He tells me I can come in. 
    I step inside the house. He leads me to the kitchen. I notice him glance quickly at my shorts. Perfect. I hand him the small bag. He looks confused, but opens it. "Thanks," He says. "Mom'll love it." I smile.
    He tells me he'll be back. I nod and say OK. When he leaves I sit down on the couch and study the room. Picture are already on the walls and the fireplace mantel. I pull out my phone and take quick snaps of the pictures. 
    When Ethan comes back I stand up. "I should be going." I say and I walk to the door. He follows me, opens the door for me and as I'm walking out he hands me a slip of paper and then closes the door.
    I walk into my living room and sit on my own couch.I look at the paper. He's written his number on it. I laugh. Yeah OK, like I didn't see that coming. I pull out my phone a type in is number and send him a quick "Hay!"
    After sending the message to him I scroll through the pictures I took. I smile a toothy grin. This one will be different from the rest. I can feel it.

    My family just moved here from New York. I didn't want to. Mom just got laid off work and Dad's job wasn't fulfilling our... needs. Mom and I spent only an hour packing up my room. I've learned not to get very settled into a home or town. 
    We arrived this morning. the moving van got here bit after we'd started adapting to our new, um, environment?
    I don't know anyone here and all my friends are back in New York. I have everyone's phone number but texting isn't the same.
    After we'd been here for a little while this girl came over. "Elloise Wilson, or Ella for short." She tells me. She holds her hand out or me to shake. It takes me a moment to realize what she was doing. "i'm Ethan Williams." I tell her.
    Ella was wearing the shortest shorts I'd ever seen. I feel myself glance at them before I can help myself. She doesn't seem to notice but I'm instantly embarrassed.
    She hands me a petite gift bag and I'm confused for a second. Oh, a welcome gift. I open it. It's a small candle. "Mom'll love it." I tell her, and wasn't lying. 
    I leave to use the bathroom and she's sitting on our couch when I come back. I must've looked alarmed or something because she hopped right off the couch. "I should be going," she says. I walk her to the door. 
    Before she leaves I and her a note. The second reason I left the room. It had my number on it. When she leaves I silently congratulate myself. Been here for less than a day and I've already got a potential girlfriend. Score, Ethan!
    This story does not have an ending yet. This is one of many parts of apartment 384. There will be more coming. 
(sidebar: this story is somewhat based off of "The Woman in the Window" by A. J. Finn. 


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