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Your usual trans poet thinking they can publish a book by the time they’re 18.
I have a harder time writing about things I’ve experienced more than things I haven’t.
Most of the things I publish are inspired by video game characters or the Greeks.


March 29, 2020


Ar ca di an
/är ‘kādēən/

like fireflies in a jar,
the sky glitters and shines.
tall grass brushes against jean and fingers tangle in hair,
warm breath grazes warmer skin--
darling, you’re of arcadia.

like walking poetry,
something the greeks would write epics about
name cities after
make statues for
build temples to
something they would worship--
aphrodite would be jealous of how much you’re loved.

we thread daisies in your hair and nature finds a harmony with us.
the grass isn’t soft and the flowers won’t stay forever.
a reminder that we are just visitors.

the earth watches our private moment and keeps it safe; a million years from now, 
the bugs will have reclaimed us, 
embraced us in the dirt we came from,
and we won’t be remembered for who we are;
the words we said,
what we looked like,

we will be remembered as the greeks were;
not with beating hearts and lungs full of air,
not fingers that itch to trace your skin
not with bitten nails and freckled cheeks,
not with gangly limbs and awkward glances,
but mouths full of verse; 

hearts of gold instead of tissue and blood,
smooth marble skin instead of the flawed exteriors we boast;
more art than human,
more myth than flesh
more love than bones--
more legend than lovers.


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  • asta

    this is absolutely beautiful! that last stanza is everything.

    10 months ago
  • loveletterstosappho

    the repetition and rhythm of this piece is excellent and the line "aphrodite would be jealous of how much you’re loved." is so?? unique??? it has this kind of finality and it fits perfectly with the theme and i just. wow.

    10 months ago
  • Ruthh

    'more legends than lovers' omg i think i'm in love with your writing

    10 months ago