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I'd appreciate any feedback I could get! The prompt this was written for was to write in only one syllable words, so if you decide to do a peer review (which I would absolutely love!) please keep that in mind! Thanks, and enjoy reading!

My More Than Friend

March 28, 2020


    His heart beat through his chest, strong and full of love. I felt it, while I lay down by him on the beach. His hands ran through my hair, and I felt my eyes close. Both our breaths were quick. We both had not done this before-- just laid down by a friend, a more than friend, on the beach, and just let our eyes shut. No. We had not done that in the past, with any friend (more than friend). I had not thought it would be him I would be laid down by, hands in my hair, eyes closed, breaths quick. My best friend. More than friend.

    "Hey," he said, voice hushed, a soft smile on his lips.

    "Hey," I breathed in. I sat up and he did too, my eyes locked with his.

    "You know..." he said. He paused, then took in a deep breath. "I think I love you," he said. I felt a smile rise to my lips. I fell back on the sand to lay down, my head on my arms.

    "I think I love you too," I sighed. It felt good to say it to the still air. I felt like my words would ring through the air to the tall peaks that were states away, so far from us but still touched, carved, changed by my words.

    His smile spread on his face. "Good," he said soft, then laid down by me on the sand. We dared not say more. We did not want to sculpt the earth or tame the sea with kind thoughts and strong acts. I lay beside my friend-- my best friend, and watched the sun paint the sky.
This is a piece I wrote before they took away the short fiction group. The prompt was to write in only one syllable words, which was a lot harder than I expected! I'd love any advice you have, and please keep in mind, writing in one syllable words was not natural for me, so there may be some mistakes, even though I tried hard to make sure there weren't. If there are any, please kindly comment about them and I will fix them. Thank you, and enjoy reading!


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  • deep_breaths

    You did such a great job following that prompt!!!

    about 1 year ago