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March 28, 2020

PROMPT: Solidarity

    I recently saw a video of people in Italy singing out their window to beat the COVID-19 blues. It warmed my heart to see everyone coming together in such an awful time. I walk down the street in my neighborhood and expect no one to be outside. But instead I see kids playing, people biking down the streets or dancing in their driveway.
    It especially warms my heart when I hear of people donating to hospitals. Or maybe a kind soul going and doing a simple thing like going to Walmart for an older person, so they don't have to. 
    When we're all stuck in our homes with nothing to do, I see singers doing living room concerts. It gives us all a chance to see our idols without going outside and risking exposure. So many more people are on Tik Tok and other social media places. And while we all think of social media in different ways, now we can all connect without touching and spreading the virus.
    In these hard times, we can all help. Remember, this isn't the zombie apocalypse. It can feel like the world is ending, I get it but things will change for the better. Not for a little while, but things will eventually go back to "normal."


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