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How I met you- again Chapter- 5

March 30, 2020


Chapter 4

“Hey Annie. Just wanted to inform you about the location of the key if you come home early. It’s inside the mailbox. Sorry for the misconvenience babe. I have to run to give my dear ex boyfriend a piece of my mind. I think he’s worth it-don’t you? Well, good bye babe. I’m coming in a minute, I promise. –Cam”

I gaped hard at the cold smartphone screen.What the hell was she thinking of herself to be? She had told me earlier, that it was over and now it was no going back.

Oh come on Amaya, she’s obviously not going to hook up with that flatfaced moron after all that happened.
Oh I don’t know...if I would’ve been her, I wouldn’t have.  But this is  not me, nuh dude. This is  Cam! What if she went weak on her knees when she saw him?              

Ok, so first of all, she’s not you. And secondly, she’s gone to give him a piece of her mind, not ask him out. You’re just jealous.

I’m not!

You are.

Ok I am, but only a tad bit. I’m worried more.




Whatever the-


Please shut up!


I said please.


This time, I just kept silent and let my mind complete her sentence. She was a big bitch when it came to supporting me or Cam. I knew that she preferred me, partly because I was her master- but she also liked Cam and her wild ways. I didn’t. We got into big fights because of her all the time. Imagine fighting with your own mind?


I shouted out in despair. Even though some of my neighbours were still up, no one paid any attention. Ruckus like this was common when you had two extremely different girls living together near you. No one could think how I got along with Cam, or how Cam got along with me. We were just so different. We had quarrels almost every day, but those were like salt on our boring lives. We couldn’t live without them, so we adjusted it into our daily schedule! Maybe, our opposite characters were the sole reason for us being able to live together for ten years now- that was one thing that really came to my use from all of my schoolish knowledge: Opposites attract.

I stared out vaguely at the bright night sky, the stars cascading like jewels along the beautiful dark background. Except for that chance encounter with Rajeev, everything had somewhat gone as I planned. I earned a nod from the Swan Publishing House, and they informed me that they would like to get forward with my book, given I cut down my script by one-fourth of its original length. That meant omitting out all those parts which I particularly admired. Well, life sure was hard sometimes...

  The second publishing house was sorta weird. Weird-by how it constantly smelt of some dead pungent rot. From the moment I entered there, I could feel that something was off. The room was so smoky and that smell seemed to stick to my nose like a couple of warplasts. Covering my nose with a tissue, I just clambered fitfully to the man who had called me for the script, and almost threw the file on his face. He gave me a grimace, and told me to be off. I really could not oblige more!

As I turned the key in the lock, my mind drooled off into distant specks of light glittering somewhere in the depths of my mind. Rajeev had asked me to call him if i ever needed to. But I didn’t. I didn’t need anyone. Not even Cam, if I could help it. I’d enough of friendship ten years ago, and look where it led me to. I couldn’t even live in my motherland. And all because I did the grave mistake of befriending Anirban Banerjee...

Well...atleast he was not here.

I gaped out at blank space, my stomach churning ominously.  

What if it had been him, instead of Rajeev? What if I was to come face to face with Anirban now? What would he do?
I seriously didn’t even want to think about it.

The living room was in the exact position from what I had left it behind at morning. This was unusual; especially as cleaning was never Camilla’s favourite hobby. Why was she doing this now then?

Was she expecting somebody?

Stop overthinking Amaya.

Ok I am not. Happy? Now stop cramming my head up!


“Whatever...” I sighed to myself.


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  • CreativeAngel

    I like this and I only read one chapter. Keep writing!

    8 months ago