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portals to take us, and yet not face to face

May 27, 2020

PROMPT: Solidarity

every window and door has been shut
locked up in distance and fear
i fear
of not seeing my beloved and more
i hear no soothing words
portals to take us
and yet not face to face
it shall blow away with wind in time
although some deny that truth
in truth
portals cannot let me feel your touch
chained up boxes hide us
though we failed in the past to see
we see
the fogs and silence have ceased in this old ghost town
portals to take us
and yet not face to face
has the world been paused in a moment
to be cleansed with nature's heart
our hearts
have never been opened as wide as this
the sky has burst through our unseen barricades
quiet voices are finally heard
i heard
the whisper of a song glide along this street
portals to take us
and yet not face to face
friend and friend again will yearn to be seen
as portals stopped us once before
and before
the sky is locked up once more and we step out of chains
perhaps after we are set free
we will be careful to let the sky in too
i, too
have opened up to hear the birds speak for themselves


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  • Ziggy

    Nice writing! Literally just joined and I'm so impressed!

    8 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    At least, we all are getting more time to work on our writings. That's the only and only good thing.

    10 months ago