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Quarantine poems #Day 1

March 25, 2020



Dear diary,
Today was the first day of lockdown.
Every street was deserted in the town.
But my dad went for his job,
as a responsible cop.
I and mum stayed at home,
staring at wind blowing the Bromes.
The weather is crazy these days,
sometimes it swelters, sometimes it rains.
Today was the first day of Navratri as well,
still don't have much to tell.
So here I would end my words,
as well as this verse.
The country is observing a 21-days lockdown due to corona pandemic and hence I decided to write a poetic diary entry each day.
Navratri is a Hindu festival to celebrate and honour women and womenhood.


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  • Raquel

    This is very relatable; over here in the U.S. we are all locked down as well (at least where I live). Not very fun because of lack of social time (though school is also cancelled so that's nice).

    It's also interesting to learn about Navrati; thanks for that note at the bottom!

    7 days ago
  • Samina

    Happy Chaitra Navratri. My place Is also locked down. Plus we are having online and extra classes all day long. I wish when will all be normal.

    8 days ago