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friendship, six feet apart

March 28, 2020


we walk deserted streets,
aimless hoodie girls
who crack the sky with smiles,
hair tucked behind sloping ears
as we run down sun-kissed sidewalks
soles pounding sweltering pavement
that melts in our wake,
dissolving into the monotony of suburbia
that is population 18,000.

i'm going to be a doctor, my friend says,
her smooth-brown skin cast amber in the light.
i'm going to be a teacher, my friend says,
limbs stretched lazily on the brown-green grass.
i'm going to be an author, i say,
tracing the clouds like they are folded with stories. 
i'm going to be a poet, i add,
but no one is listening to my whispered promise
as it slips through the monkey bars and
rolls down the slide,
lost among our faded childhood.

"let's be friends forever," we say,
twining pinkies together 
like the infinity ring slipped around my finger. and
i can't imagine life without them,
devoid of slap-happy laughs 
and smiles so wide my cheeks ache with sweetness.
"friends forever," i say,
"friends forever," i repeat
when six feet separate us like a growing chasm
and all i have are digital echos
of a still-gold friendship.

"friends forever."



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  • asta

    'tracing the clouds like they're folded with stories' beautiful!

    over 1 year ago