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"the audience is only safe when the story isn't about them."

they/them - probably listening to sufjan stevens

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an important piece by outoftheblue- https://bit.ly/3dBxv5r

black lives matter & pride is over but the fight for lgbt+ rights is year round.

bio quote is from the magnus archives

there was someone that used to live here

March 25, 2020


there was someone that used to live here,
someone in these houses, and i swear
loneliness isn't intangible, it's an organ, it's
something you can see in an x-ray:
pull it out of your chest and tell me
how heavy it is. this is us, living
in houses with someone else's magazines fanned
on the table, with someone else's shoes left 
lopsided against the wall. this is pressing your
hand to the glass panes and envisioning 
another, pressing their hand to the same spot, and 
you can almost feel the warmth
from their skin. 

aren't we all living in ghost towns? room to
room to room to room, i know where
the wallpaper flakes off and where the 
pattern of the wood makes a shape like an
eye, and still there is only my hand on 
the wall, my breath fogging the glass. there
were people that used to live here, i'm sure
of that, but i might as well be
seeing residual light from stars thousands of
years away. 
funnily enough, i wrote this poem about a month ago, before there were all these shut-downs, but it seems awfully fitting now. i apologize for my long absence, i just needed a longer break than i thought, but now i've got a lot of prose and poems to share, so this is the first of those. as always, please comment if you liked it, and i am always open to critiques!


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  • CreativeAngel

    THANK GOODNESS. I thought we had lost you too. I hope you won't leave us like the rest have. I always loved your writing. I'm having a hard time to find remnants of the old writings. LackingASocialLife, Kaitlyn, many of them have left. I'll leave one day too. My memories won't ever leave though. I hope all these members can meet up one day. Maybe wtw changes their rules. I miss the old ways but like the new ones too. I remember the times before the competitions, a lot of members left and it hurts that I'm too late to say goodbye. Thank you for continuing writing. You pieces touch many hearts. Don't stop, it'll definitely get you somewhere. :)

    8 months ago
  • Dmoral

    "aren't we all living in ghost towns?"
    oh, for sure.

    8 months ago
  • r|A|i|N

    your poetry is on point as always! glad to have you back!

    8 months ago
  • Caravallover02

    "but i might as well be
    seeing residual light from stars thousands of
    years away." Wow...I really don't know why but this line hit me the hardest. It almost feels like thinking about the difference between what a person knows, and how far that thought is away from how things are now.

    8 months ago
  • asteria

    all i can say is.... this piece blew me away. it is terribly fitting for the state of the world right now. i love the lines: "this is pressing your/hand to the glass panes and envisioning/another pressing their hand to the same spot." and in the following lines about feeling the warmth of their skin, you capture the longing that everyone feels, the wishing we could be together in ways that were once normal. oh, how we took for granted our lives a month ago...
    this is a brilliant poem, rain, i'm so glad to be back on wtw to see such art again!

    8 months ago