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Human Nature and the metaphysical complexities of the soul.

By: Joseph Tierney

Human nature is responsible for the structure of society throughout history. Our basic impulses and needs, as people, need to be fulfilled through a successful communal presence. As individuals, we seek to be accepted by others in what we do, and in some cases, mimic others others in order to become acceptable. Even though moral value is present throughout most of societies history, there are quite a few moments where treacherous acts were executed under the guise of different "beneficial" results. At the time, doing these, for the most part, was deemed acceptable in the eyes of those people in in most cases their peers. Greed isn't a uncommon trait in human nature. History has shown us this much. For a powerful man who wishes to become great in economical power, he will do anything he deems acceptable. In order to protect himself, he will pull examples from history of other similar events with popular historical figures doing something similar. In this way,


Peer Review

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Actual review: These guiding questions aren't really helping me with the review and so I am not going to be using them much. I'm going to help you though. This is only the beginning. Though, I am very impressed with how you opened it. It is beautifully written, and I can definitely say that you sound like you're going in the right direction. . . however I'm not sure what the direction is. I look forward in seeing this essay completed. Remember to fulfill the guided questions. There wasn't much to say because there wasn't enough to read. I believe you are more than capable. Good luck and happy writing.