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family ties

March 24, 2020


Of mildest respite, of taming of shrews
These children are children and those parents are whose
The yoke and the sigh and the battling of jews
It trembles and grumbles and hides in the few

Their vision! Their pride! Their psychedelic hues
The rumbling of agony belies they who choose
The father is taken, his heart’s in the shed
The mother a cripple, though not in her bed
She dances and flees and laughs with her eyes
Closed, she sits idly at rest with her heart out to sea
Their cackle and tackle to churn the child on
Legs shaking with new birth but calves
Carved, calcified, killing spree homerunner
For she is their shallow
    but now the breadwinner

The ages don’t speak, for wisdom in eyes
Belong in the hollowness of tears and the tries

Pulse slowing, sweat growing, the old man’s a goner
And yet these two children still haven't a mother

The boy sits at rest
His eyes are glazed over
    a knock on his chest
    a whirl of air hither

        she sent her solemn adieu
hello there. i am not a writer but wrote this very suddenly after the cacophony which was the past few days. yes, many words do not mean sense in the way i've framed them, this was purely for catharsis. however i would love to see what you think. wondering how this platform is like


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