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Three Words

April 1, 2020


I lay there, next to your sleeping form
You looked so pretty, 
I didn't need the light to know.
I reach out, brushing the hair out of your face.
Your eyes flutter.
I am sorry for waking you, 
but I am not sorry for what I do next.
Wrapping my arms around you, I pull you into my chest, 
feeling your warm, even breaths.
We lay there in a comfortable silence. 
You look up, staring me in the face, 
slowly, so slowly, you move your hand to my cheek.
I tilt my face downwards to match yours.
We connect. 
Not physically, but in that moment we are thinking the exact same thing.
A shared desire to express just how much I care for you and you for me.
I close my eyes, not wanting you to see how they flit from your gaze to your lips and back again.
I don't have to open my eyes to know whats coming.

This time, it isn't only a look that connects us.
We are moving into unfamiliar territory, 
but I'm with you, there is no need to be scared.
I shift my hands, now in the small of your back while yours move to around my neck.
I'm not flying, this is so much better.
As if I'm feeling for the first time,
breathing after going to long without,
I pull you closer. 
Impossibly closer.
The night has never seemed so clear,
so calm,
so exciting.
It must be understood that I am not adventurous,
but this is a quest I gladly embark upon.
You pull away, breath no longer even but still warm and comforting.
We lock eyes, I stare into the brown that you hate so much.
Ordinary, nothing special, you're so willing to change a part of yourself.
It's a part of you that I would never change, 
I've never known brown to be so colorful.
The brown of freshly churned earth;
the color of bark on newly planted trees, 
the color sweet like cocoa.
I could stare for hours, lost.
I would be content being lost there, never needing to come back to reality.

I wasn't flying before, but I am now. 
There is nothing connecting me to the earth, 
I chase you through the clouds, searching.
Searching for that feeling once again,
I know you are too.
It's my turn. 
I pull you towards me.
I'm on the ground again,
trying so, so, hard to comprehend what is happening. 
I start to question what will become of us after this, but you won't let me.
You're not trying to, but you have my full attention. 
You have me grounded in a way that I never have been before, 
I never want to be any other way again. 
There are so many things that I could say to you, 
innumerable things I must tell you, express myself, show my intentions.
I don't have to, you know them already, yours are the same.
I have every intent to hold you and never let go, 
I don't want to release you, the both of us falling back into the worries of the world.
Be mindful, live in the moment, see only in the now.
That's what I'm doing, and all I can see is you. 
You and your beautiful brown eyes,
the way you carefully run your thumb over my cheek,
your breath, warm and steady, completely sure of what you're doing.
I don't think you know what you do to me,
there's no way that I could make you feel how I do,
no way to express every single thing to make you see me the way I see you.
I have the vocabulary of a dictionary, but only three words come to mind when I look at you.
And darling, I can only hope that I'm showing you the world in those three words. 


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  • Maya'sTired

    The love you have wrote of is beautiful, and you wrote it beautifully.

    2 months ago