Emily Scoggins

United States


March 23, 2020


What is home? 
Home is where the heart is,
Home is your family, 
Home is where you can lose yourself and find yourself again.
Home is different for everyone.
Home is broken,
Home is harmful,
Home is where you build a family and burn it to the ground.
Home is where you grow, 
Home is where fall down and pick yourself back up again.
Home is unique,
Home is ever changing.

What is home?
Home is me,
I can rely on no one but myself to stick around.
I put hope and love into people and relationships;
I turn around,
They're gone
I am the only person I can rely on, me and me alone.
My home is not broken, it is bent.
I am not broken, I am bent.

Very few people understand me,
I am the only one who fully does.
I will not open up to people because then they will call me home and I the same.
I refuse to allow someone to put their faith and trust in me because I will fall.
I will fall and their home will come crashing down and I am terrified;
I am terrified that I will put my trust in someone and they will fall and I will crash into the ground.
I will crash so far down that there will be no stopping me, 
I will fall and fall and never reach the end.
I put trust in myself because if I fall there is no one to blame but me.
I don't put my home anywhere else because I am the only thing I can rely on.
My home is not broken because I am not broken, 
But my home is in me.

I am home. 
No physical location, just wherever I am.
No building, not even a tree or a rock or a brick.
Just me, whatever spot I am standing in. 
My house is not my home, 
My home is not my house.
I am home,
Not a physical location.


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