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I am accepting feedback on this piece and I hope to get positive feedback but I am willing to take any critiques anybody has. Thank you for taking your time to read my piece.

An ocean of tears

March 23, 2020

Every day, I am warmed by the happiness I bring to the people.  I give them the relaxing pleasure of laying on my sand.  The fruits that bear from my trees.  I give them all of my beauty.  In return, I get the gift of plastic, watching ocean life die before my eyes.  Island after island polluted by waste and gases.  I am the island of Hawaii.  Looming over my Sandy beaches, my mountains watch over all of me.  The humans enjoy me, and I am happy to provide them comfort.  But I am being hurt every day by the trash they throw away.  The plastic that goes into the ocean reciprocating back to my beaches, strangling marine life.  These humans do not realize that they are animals too, and that they are murdering my natural beauty.  This behavior not only hurts me, but will in return hurt them.  I am a sacred place, loved by many of my natives, and it is those who do not truly understand nature, who idolize the industries who are destroying me.  These creatures deserve just as much life as anyone of the people.  I want to be able to give my beauty to people without being hurt, if people could just learn to appreciate the world.
This is my first writing prompt on here so I hope you like it.


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  • WhispersOfGray

    Clever and absolutely gorgeous, well done!

    7 months ago
  • writer_gal

    This text gives such an interesting narrative. Most of the stories with this prompt have such negative views of humans but here, the island loves providing comfort for theme but is hurt by the damage they cause. Wonderful job!

    8 months ago