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My name is Johanna and I'm very much in love with the English language.
I'm a 17 years old from Germany and writing is one of my greatest passions alongside music.

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March 22, 2020


She arrived at the bar around eleven. The sky turned into a darker shade hours ago, the moon already crept its way up the horizon and she could tell that the party inside was in full swing already. So she made her way across the street got out of the cab that brought her here, leaving a generous tip for the driver and got into the line filled with strangers. Eventually she got inside and let her eyes scan around the steamy room, searching for her friends. An impossible task, if you would ask her.The dance floor was crowded, the boots were dark and the bar piled up with drunken strangers unreachable. And oh how she needed to be one of these drunk, mindless people tonight. After a while of just standing helplessly in the way she felt an arm that crept its way round her waist, leaving her startled.
Thank god it was no one else but Jake, she thought as she recognized his tall figure. „Fuck, you scared me to death“ she screamed out over the loud beat. „Should’ve just come earlier love, anyway what took you so long?“ He asked, now standing in front of her and raising his eyebrows over her like a mum who was scolding her child. The reason for her delay was him - who she thought she loved, who she once again thought she could trust and who none the less was just another boy who broke her heart and betrayed her. Why couldn’t she ever find some honest, nice guy? Why would she always date those jerks? Why was everyone in a happy relationship but her? All those questions haunted her for hours now and the only reason she really came here was to feel numb at the end of the night. „Let’s get drunk!“ Adeline said, not bothering to answer his question. She left him standing there and wandered off to the barkeeper since alcohol was the only thing that seemed like it could free her mind of her cloudy thoughts tonight. Her actions left him speechless, Adeline never was a drinker, she never came late either and she’d never dress like she was dressed tonight. He was a man after all and his blue orbs still worked perfectly. The dress revealed lots of cleavage, it was short, tight and oh how awesome she looked in that thing. But after all he knew, it wasn’t her. 
„There she is!“ The group of friends squealed as they made her out. Adeline wouldn’t miss the questioning looks they gave her, of course did she know that her dress was slutty, it was supposed to be. “Girl, you look -wow“ Emily stated obviously struggling to find the right words. „I’m pretty sure Dave thought the same, or else you wouldn’t be late“ Ryan teased, unaware of what happened hours ago. „Yea, whatever someone get me another drink“ One of her girlfriends date made his way to the bar grabbing drinks for the whole round. Emily and Adeline went to the dance floor and moved to their body to the music like never before. Usally she would always need a bit to loosen up but that wasn’t necessary that night, she wasn’t herself.
„Do you know whats up with her?“ Ryan asked Jake as they both stood together watching the girls while siping on their beers. Obviously he could sense that there was something wrong with her as well…he just couldn’t make out if it was a good or a bad thing...
„I’ve got no idea it worries me, tho“ He admitted, the concerned expression never leaving his face.
Emily came storming into Ryan’s arms. „Hey babe!“ She smiled widely and gave him a short peck on his lips. „Heyyy!“ He mocked her and gave her a little kiss on the cheek. Emily turned her gaze to Jake as she only now reckognized him. „Jake, do you know what has gotten into Adeline?“ „No, why is everyone asking me? I don’t think she’ll tell me anything, wandered off just earlier“ „You guys are so close just thought you’d know, besides we all know she’s not ok. Hell even Kari’s date could see that! And whats with that dress? No offense she looks hot, but also like one of the bitches she used to make fun of“
And that was true, she was everything but ok tonight. But her plan tonight was to drink the sorrows away even if it’d be just for a few hours. Even if it meant the ache in her chest is only gonna be heavier in the morning. And even if Adeline was one of these girls tonight, who’d go home with everyone taken or not.
It was around 2 AM when half of her friends were gone and she was completely wasted. Causing a little scene with the barkeeper that got not only Jake’s attention.
„Ok listen, I need a double and theeeen, I need another one.“ Adeline was defiantly in her drunken mood, he could tell. That meant she was going to be stubborn and childish like a 6 years old.
„So you need two doubles?“ The barkeeper asked confused.
„No, no, no you don’t understand!! I need one double and then another in one glassssss,“ she mumbled emphasizing the s on the end like a kid who just learned a new word.
„I think she had enough“ Jake interrupted, nodding to the man behind the bar.
„Jaaaake, come on! Don’t be such a party pooper!!“ She yelled right in his left ear.
„Come, on we’re gonna get you home!“ She leaned her head on his shoulder and poked one finger in his ear, he just groaned at his drunken friend and tried to get them out of the club already. „Don’t groan like a bear, I don’t want to go home alreadyyy.“ He tried to ignore her as best as he could to call an uber but a tiny chuckle left his throat at her silliness. „You know what I want Jake?“ „Hmm?“ „I want beer“ „You’ve had plenty“ he stated. “You are being a bear again, soooo grumpy“
20 minutes later the cab arrived and Jake grabbed Adeline’s waist to not let her fall on the wet concrete. Just like before she leaned her head on his shoulder and to be honest, he didn’t really mind as long as she let his ear be. The radio played quietly and he noticed goosebumps on her naked arm. Of course did this Adeline forget to bring a coat, in a stormy London autumn night. Jake pushed her head aside just for a second which made her whine. Her discomfort was exchanged with a soft smile as he threw his jacket, over her cold body, making it look like a blanket. „Thank you“ she whispered. He almost thought she fell asleep in his arms, 10 minutes into the ride and she didn’t say a word, or poked his ear or shifted just a tiny bit, making him wonder a bit. Of course he knew, she was drunk off her ass and probably wouldn’t answer at all but he just needed to know. Adeline always was the kind of person you only could describe as wonderful and lovely, she could have the effect of making people believe that no one’s smile was brighter nor that anyones laugh sounded prettier. So what on earth could have happened, that made her act like she did?
„Adeline?“ He asked carefully.
„What happened?“
„What do you mean?“
„You know what I mean, love. I’m worried about you“
And tadaaa he got the uncomfortable silence he expected. Minutes felt like hours to him and there was nothing audible but their heavy breaths and a bit of the wild London night traffic.
„Why am I not lovable?“ Adeline asked.
„What?“ He was beyond shocked. How could someone like her think something like that? She was one of the most precious people he ever met…..
„Wait, why do you think that?“
She sighed loudly and rose up from her leaning position to make eye contact with him. „I’m -I’m never good enough for anyone and it hurts -so bad, but.. I thought all the drinks tonight would make this feelings disappear but they don’t and I’m complete wasted“ The tears already rolled down her red checks and the sight alone broke his heart. „Is it because of Dave? What did he do?“ Jake asked, his voice now sounding serious and even more concerned. „He -he cheated on me…and it’s not like he’s the first one who would do that to me…“ Adeline was a crying mess by now. He knew all of the jerks she used to date, how they broke her and betrayed her…..He always thought she deserved better. Jake wiped her tears from her cheeks with his thumb, locking her eyes with hers. „What is wrong with me?“  In that moment she absolutely loosened it, her friend took her in his arms rocking her a bit back and forth, trying to calm her. „There is nothing wrong with you! Nothing! Don’t you ever let anybody make you feel this way, ok? Love takes time and you’ll find someone who knows your worth. Please just hold on“ Adeline sobs wouldn’t stop but he believed that he felt her nodding in his arms. And that was ok for now. „Hold on.“
I'm sorry if it's shit, I have never read this over


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    also girl, just a heads up. there's another writing website called "prose" which has a novel/book section there to. it's free and has a new audience out there as well. i'm typically on there a little more because it loads better on my computer compared to wattpad, but i still have access to both. anyway, just a heads up and maybe something you'll want to look into :)

    5 months ago