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February (2020) Must Reads!!!

March 29, 2020


Thanks to EVERYONE WHO NOMINATED THESE PIECES AND THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO WROTE THESE AMAZING PIECES!! If you wish to see all February's nominations, please read the comments of our piece titled 'February (2020) Must Reads Nominations!!' Now let's get to the point.

Categories in bold).
Nominated piece (linked) as well as the author (linked)
Quote from the piece (italicized)
Who nominated the piece and why
Last will be our thoughts of the piece
!!Disclaimer: Some categories had more nominations than others, that’s why there are some more must readers than others!
my body was crafted from Adam’s ribs; does that not grant me manhood? by weirdo
"i soak in this essence to feel a sense of belonging;"
Wicked! nominated this piece because "This literally left me breathless; it has beautiful diction and an amazing concept."
Our view: A dark and twisty piece of biblical reference.

i do not like the word 'dead' but that is what you are by poetri
"and maybe we met somewhere in the universe,"
A Rose nominated because "it's beautiful and bizarre"
Our view: Amazing comparisons and lovely references.

one more poem about growing old (alone) by Anha
"if it would taste as sweet as my mortality feels;"
Ursa nominated because "a raw masterpiece displaying the truth of aging and mortality."
Our view: A whole new world and meaning to "shower" thoughts.

scythe unseen by New York_dreamer
"mother, mother, do you hear your child?"
nominated because "
Our view: Great use of repetition, it worked wonderfully and added a haunting note to the piece. 
Between Bad Beginnings and Good Ones, I Will Always Choose The One That Gets Me Back To You. by PouringOutTheSun
"fat tears dripping down his face as he smashes the hearts against the trees"
Wicked! nominated this piece because "
Our view: Lively piece with wild characters and passionate relationships.
in and out of the clouds by  Wicked!
"xarae are the children of fire and water"
Our view: This piece is gorgeous and beautiful, bringing tears to my eyes, and there's a mystery behind the creatures.
Simple/Short but powerful
i wanna to worship you like the art students do (down at your feet) byJasmine_K
"midsummer noon, pour me another cup"
Wicked! nominated this piece because "Great diction, incredibly beautiful imagery"
Our view: Interesting imagery and exotic metaphors, all unique.

extravagant elegance by ajamwal
"doesn't have to be smeared in fancy, embroidered frosting"
Self-nominated because "i feel the irony is quite amusing."
Our view: Bringing us back to the simplicity of meaning.
Historical Fiction
my captain is a debutante: an ode to workingwomen by N.
"forgotten moment of the past"
Anha nominated this piece because "imagery is nigh unmatched on this site; with but the concept that one of her swim captains "came out into high society", she wrote scathing remarks "
Our view: A PSA in prose.

Letters from the Trenches by Princess Maira
"I only wish this blasted war hadn't started"
WishfulKittyKat1 nominated this piece because "it has a beautiful simplicity that I rarely see and the ending is an absolute gut punch."
Our view: Beautiful series of letters between lovers.
a week in review by N.
"imagine loving someone so much"
Anha nominated because "vocabulary and diction in this piece are absolutely stellar; the dramatic irony and pacing are expertly staggered."
Our view: Beautiful diction used to express pains with references.
Science Fiction
error: world not found. by aryelee
"the melody of the disaster"
Anha nominated this piece because "formatting and language is unmatched; somehow she manages to evoke a type of melancholy that comes from love in a cycle of endless suffering."
Our view: Chilling piece with haunting aspects and memorable lines.
Folklore/greek mythology
mistress of evil #onetrick(3) by Dmoral13
"for there's nothing pretty and bright"
Ursa nominated this piece because it's "a dark, twisted poem representing the original Maleficent."
Our view: Interesting take on such a commonly perceived being.

As Eros Loves Psyche by hi i'm jackson ;)
"so am I enamored with you"
Tushar Mandhan nominated this piece because "I think she is one of the best human beings here. She has these very positive vibes about her and hence, I think she needs to be recognised more as a writer as well."
Our view on this piece: I enjoyed the Greek mythology reference and how you compared their relationships with your own. Your repetition was used wonderfully and wasn't distracting-instead it added to the piece.
Lower case prose
a cloud's tears only evaporate under the gaze of the sun by Ursa
"sun soaks into the back of your eyelids"
Dmoral13 nominated because "gorgeous figurative language that leaves the reader breathless"
Our view: Creates and wraps you up in a whole new world with an emotional ending.

another poem about the corona virus because i make too many jokes about it but i'm actually terrified by Jasmine_K
"nobody pays attention but"
WishfulKittyKat1 nominated because "I was completely bewildered by all of the emotions I was feeling reading it. Excellent rhythm and honest description"
Our view: A person's grip on their reality.


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  • Loser

    I love that you do these every month! I will be nominating all the best pieces people submit for my contests.

    8 months ago
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    OH MY GAGA! Thank you! I didn't even know I was nominated! Thank you so much!

    8 months ago
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    Thank you for keeping these up, sometimes they're favorite part of write the world :)
    I hope you're doing better.

    8 months ago
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    Thank you for such a wonderful piece. I hope your doing better.:-)
    Hope you have a wonderful day and quick recovery.

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