Peer Review by Johanna Marie (Germany)

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"you are such an amazing friend"

By: Sarah McNiven

PROMPT: Seven Delights

“Are you awake?” 
“Of course, what’s up?”
“What do you do when you feel lonely?”
Give me an hour, this might take two- you didn’t ask for this but I’m about to spill out my soul in front of you. Please ask me for more so I won’t feel like a burden as I tell you “you have worth”. Please tell me you need me to give you my words so I can be certain they are not disappearing into your notifications as I remind you “you are not alone”. Please tell me you need someone to understand because I can’t bring myself to write these words for myself. I need there to be a reason for me to know what it feels like to hurt and when this speech is over please tell me I haven’t said too much. Please tell me these were the exact words you were dying to hear. Remind me I am an amazing friend, not because I need it and not because I’ll believe it but because I want to be able to go to bed two hours later than I planned and not be mad at myself for saying too much or too little. I hate it, but I need you to need me. 

Peer Review

Your probably deepest and saddest thoughts were represented very well in this piece. As well as the conflict between your issues and the other person's. Now at first it doesn't seem like a delight, until you start to think more about it.

Not really a collection, is it? Anyway I'm left up a little sad as well as confused and curious about the relationship you share. That's mostly a good sign.

Reviewer Comments

Perhaps think of structuring it a little nice apart from that a few touches and it's a very good piece of writing.