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Message to Readers

This is meant to be a satire of the satire, The Screwtape Letters, written by CS Lewis. Instead of Screwtape writing to his young nephew in training, an archangel is conversing with a guardian angel about a child and her life. The letters, as with the letters of Screwtape, are incomplete, with Schild's reports lost completely.

The Eitan Letters

July 4, 2016

Guardian Schild,

Your concerns about the child are noteworthy. I fully agree that it's unusual for The Enemy to make such a bold move so quickly in her young timeline. Normally he and his traitorous followers don't act in such a malicious manner until well-past the age of maturity, and even then, more often than not, he withholds his demons until they can encourage the child to sow the seeds of wickedness into peers' minds until the Father has no choice but to pronounce judgment.

I recommend increased security around the child. Sickness may try his old tricks again, this time permanently crippling the child, and I dare say that would not look good on your final report. I'm forwarding you the child's biological makeup, hopefully providing you with a means to guard her from any attacks from possible seizures, allergic reactions, or unusual viruses.

Eitan, Archangel

Guardian Schild,

I understand the child is a particularly difficult case. Your report on her most recent accident--the Razor scooter incident--tells me she's sensitive to dares and lacks self-preservation concepts. Thankfully you were able to limit the damage to simply a sprained ankle and not a fractured one. Elias tells me the family doesn't have the insurance to compensate for an accident of that magnitude.

Your request of transfer, however, is rather unexpected, even for you. Schild, you've been doing the business of Guardian Angel for over six thousand years. Surely this child is no more difficult than Jacob...or the one who had the misfortune of falling asleep in the rafters during Paul's sermon. During their lives you said nothing about a transfer. Granted, the child's recent desire to ride down that steep hill in her wagon was alarming, but biking across the highway and throwing matches into the yard's gas tank are suddenly too difficult tasks to protect the child from?

Give it another year. If you still desire to transfer, I will take it up with the High Command.

Eitan, Archangel

Guardian Schild,

I'm glad you've recently become burdened for the child. For several months I was concerned that you'd still desire to transfer.

This month marks a particularly weighty milestone. The child is reaching the age of four, which means she is approaching the age of maturity. Her parents, Elias tells me, have been faithfully taking her to Sunday school every week. Unfortunately, he says she is having difficulty paying attention. The child needs to be directed to the Word so she can choose to accept it herself. You, Schild, are not the Holy Spirit, but I need you to guide the child to the Father. The Enemy will be working harder than ever now to turn her from the Truth.

Eitan, Archangel

Guardian Schild,

So Wormwood is up to his old tricks again. I suppose it was only a matter of time after Lewis's homecoming before Screwtape took his failure nephew under his wing again. By your report, it appears Wormwood is using similar tactics on the child as he did on his "patient" eighty years ago: the temptation of the senses and the desire to fit in.

You see, unlike our ranks, humans desire to be accepted. They don't understand that to Jehovah, each and every one is a precious soul loved by its Creator. No, instead they see their peers enjoying a smoke, a drink, a sexual attraction that they are denied by their God-fearing parents. Your child is no different, although I fear that, without the Holy Spirit to guide her, her weaknesses will only turn her farther from the Word.

Therefore I give you full permission to do as you ask: that beer she took from her friend Devin--show her the wickedness of such a poison. If she insists on driving home while under the influence, you have permission to let Drunkeness do his deed. However, do not allow her to be permanently injured or killed. It is not her time yet, which is good for us: we have more time.

Eitan, Archangel

Guardian Schild,

I bring you news from Heaven. The child's birth into the Family caused a ceremony of the 100,000 today. I trust you too celebrated accordingly. Her first step of obedience is yet to come--Baptism--and she must get proper discipleship for her to be a beneficial convert. Gideon suggested her youth pastor, even though technically she graduated from the youth group last year. She's closer to him than the pastor, and with the child's parents unfortunately separated at this time, she seems to have no desire to communicate with them.

You tell me the child plans on renting an apartment to avoid her family and that you don't trust the owner. Schild, if the owner is acting on orders from the Enemy, you have permission to engage in combat. Do not let the Devil get his foot into her door, physically or spiritually.

I appreciate your growing care for the child. I knew you would come around. Your letters tell me that you've grown fond of her, despite your original opinions. I trust you will continue to guard her in the coming years.

Eitan, Archangel

Guardian Schild,

The child has grown tremendously in her long life. Your frequent reports on her soul-winning successes and victories in her spiritual warfare are refreshing to read. I understand that she's teaching her grandchildren about the Father the same way she taught her own daughter. The child, though frail in body, is a warrior in spirit. Wherever she goes, the world turns upside-down in her wake.

However, word from the Father has reached me. He says it is time to bring her home. As a final test in her tremendous spirit, the demon Cancer will engage her. You must not stop him. I understand the difficulty in watching a child suffer, but if her spirit remains devout, all the more rewards will meet her in the clouds.

I give you the task to meet her. Take her hand and introduce her to us when the time comes. Her homecoming will be a celebration across Heaven, I can assure you.

Eitan, Archangel


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