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erica, a soft sapphic who:

wears too much yellow
thinks about space a little too often
cries more than she should


Message to Readers

thank you for reading. stay safe.

everything will be okay.

March 21, 2020

PROMPT: Solidarity

because doctors in china 
donated supplies to people in italy 
and wrote a quote from a roman poem 
on the boxes:
"siamo onde dello stesso mare" -- 
"we are waves from the same sea"


because opera singers in italy 
leaned from their windows 
and sang, beautiful like the birds,
and people around italy 
paused their daily activity 
to join in:
"nessun dormire" --
"let nobody sleep" 

tutto andrà bene

because in new york city, 
heads poked from windows
to watch two young lovers
marry on the streets,
their officiant ten stories up 
reading from
"el amor en los tiempos del cólera" --
"love in the time of cholera"

todo estará bien

because we are waves from the same sea
because we will not let each other sleep
because love persists in the time of quarantine

everything will be okay.


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  • scripturience

    anha <3

    about 2 hours ago
  • Anha

    gods, this resonated with me so much. i only hope it has the same effect on everyone who reads my highlights (cos you're in them!!)

    1 day ago
  • thelostprince

    This is absolutely gorgeous!

    20 days ago