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March 20, 2020


My name isn’t my own, it is shared and split between those who know me.I guess in that case I’m not even a whole self,I share my identity with all those I am connected to.I’m someone's sister, daughter, girlfriend or ex even before I am myself to someone. And even then when that person gets to know me I’m their something after that. This probably doesn’t make any sense but my point is I am not who I am except to myself. Does it matter what others think? Yes. Other people matter because as I sit here waiting for a midnight redeye it’ll be other people who stop me from leaving. Not immediately but soon. You see I want to be myself for a while, because when I stop and think of all things I am to everyone I can’t think.When I think of all things I’ve done to be the someone that someone else needed I can’t breathe. I am not good when I am not myself. I’ve done horrible things just to be the perfect something for someone. And it is my fault, I should’ve listened to my gut, to get out while I still could. One thing I’ve learnt is that no matter how bad things get you can still live, no matter how horrible the things is life keeps going on and you can get out.
But I can’t see myself and I can hardly remember where I got these scars from. So I need to go. I need to get away and think about what I’m going to do. How I’m going to live and what exactly living is because I’ve been dead my whole life. In doing the things I’ve done I know there's people who can help you erase all those other people you are to other people. I can escape.
Hi this is another piece for my Writers Craft class and I would love some feedback before I submit.


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