United States

Dear America (2)

March 19, 2020


Dear America,
Where is the compassion you claim to have taught your children? Why do they tear others down and find anonymous insults better than admitting their own faults? Why can’t they see that they are the ones causing the destruction of the world they claim to love?
What the actual heck, America? Teach them to be kind, it isn’t communism. Teach them the Golden Rule, it won’t end your precious capitalist system. Teach them the weight of their words, it won’t stop competition. Teach them that anonymity is not an excuse, it won’t ruin you.
They are destroying the world you tell them they can save. They are destroying the people attempting to learn the lessons you should be teaching. They are ruining the little hope we have left.
Teach them to be kind, America, before you teach them to ruin themselves.


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