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South Africa

Hey everyone i am a super new writer i would really appreciate any advice.

Message to Readers

So the first version i published i read to a friend and found a few mistakes. I made it longer and hopefully fixed all the mistakes. I would really appreciate any help or advice

What do they say?

March 19, 2020

PROMPT: Solidarity

Dont cough 
they say
dont sneeze
dont go outside
they say
dont breathe 

A national disaster 
They say
a crisis on the rise
A spreading sickness
they say
Which truths are the lies?

Dont go to school
they say
dont go out and shop
dont gather to pray 
they say
when will this madness stop?

stay inside
they say
Sit there and wait
dont let your children out 
they say
is what happening fate?

The aim is to protect us
they say
what more must we pay
they are protecting our bodies
And their appearances
while our minds whither away

I sit alone  now
just as they said
Hoping for the day
they said would come
when all this comes to an end
And the battle we are fighting
will finally be won



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