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By: Anne Blackwood


I'm gasping and holding my breath
And I'm crying out depth
Wishing and cracking
There's a "no-going-back" sting
Wrapping around me
Because love's never free
It comes with a price
Nothing will suffice
Not until this is over
And I finally find closure
I pay for laughter with tears
As I love through the years

No, I'm not blaming you
All you've done is stay true
To your feelings for another girl
Your heart's a precious pearl
I'll stay on the sidelines
Just pace between skylines
Wait for the finish
And my love to diminish
Why can't I leave them
These feelings I condemn
I'll be here on my floor
Until you walk out the door
Or my heart does the same
I can't give up your name

Peer Review

A delightful piece of Poem.

I can feel the depth of each word. Like it is resonating with my own thoughts too.

Reviewer Comments

Wonderful words, Nice vocabulary