lover of words and banana bread

far apart and alone but still together

March 19, 2020

PROMPT: Solidarity

it’s lurking in every corner of the world
every nook, and every cranny
hand sanitizer selling like hot cakes
our voices muffled by face masks
someone sneezes; there’s a stampede
as people rush away from him
now we all know how house arrest must feel like
we sterilize surfaces
swab the floors
seldom has mankind feared another living creature
so much
the virus has spread
but the fear of it has spread farther
we must try
to spread hope 
the odds are in our favor
people are recovering as you read this
you may not be able to hold the hands of those you love
but you can hear the reassurance in their voices
we’re all in this together
don’t worry:
we may not be able to eradicate this virus yet
but neither can it eradicate our hope


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