Just a person trying to catch what life throws at me so i can throw it right back rather than try to impossibly dodge it all.

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I'd appreciate any feed back you have for me. how could i turn this into a good read.


March 18, 2020


    Perception I find is most accurately described as Deception. When we're small everything seems big and powerful and we want that; we want the strength, the responsibility, the intellect, because if you have the power to make your own decisions then you must be 'free'. When we have to look up at everything around us, and it seems everything can be decided for us, our perspective leads us to believe we have to prove our worth to the world. So that we can look eye to eye rather than be looked down upon. Then, when we've reached the heights we had looked up to and only then, when perspective has changed, we realize we never had anything to prove. We were never doubted. Now suddenly the small composition we once cried to be without, is mourned. We still, are not seeing the value of what we have. Perception blocks it from our view. Don't abandon yourself to be deceived. Perspective can get out of reach but it is on a leash; Rein it in and you could live more meaningfully.
Trying to rewrite old works,... help.


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