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March 20, 2020

PROMPT: Solidarity

More and more and more
Almost nowhere in the world left to go
And yet we are not in odd places, we are where we have always been
And yet the animals and the plants do not change their behavior, they behave as usual
There is almost no sign of anything unusual for many
Nothing physical to see
And yet we all know
And yet we are isolated
We are no longer moving in the world
And yet the world does not feel anything thing different
And yet the ocean still moves, the plants still grow, and the animals still roam
The knowledge of the situation sits inside us
The feeling and taste of our lives has been altered subtly, but audibly
The knowledge of the situation stands between us
We seldom get to see each other in person
And yet many of us see each other more than ever, in a different world
And yet we are active, there are so many things to do
Some of us truly are disconnected
Many of us see each other more often than usual
Some of us are getting less and less healthy
Many of us are becoming healthier than normal
And yet our situation is becoming more and more desperate
And yet we are isolated in the real world
We may share other worlds, but they are not real
We may see each other, but not in person
But we share a world where we are together
And that is what matters
But we really are
And yet we truly are


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1 Comment
  • Loser

    I love the hope at the end of this piece.

    10 months ago