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Hi! My name is Aj and I’m just getting started on here. Most of my work on here will be from or will be continuations of my work on my Instagram @write.r.die. Hope you enjoy!

Good Girls & Little Boys

March 18, 2020


    Note: this is quite dark and is on the topic of school shootings. 

“Go play with your toys
Go  be good girls and little boys 
Let the adults talk 
About the grown-up stuff”

They talk as if we are not here
As if we didn’t comprehend 

“Go be children, 
Build your castles”
As if we didn’t understand. 

But here - I - am
Ten years older
Sitting at the table 
With my sister
And my brother

“Twelve today” they say
As they talk about the news
“Four more injured”
And my sister 
Turned blue. 

But they say were just children 
That we couldn’t understand
What it takes to break a human
While they took us into bed

But we may be children
Well we are counting heads

Walking through the halls
At the beginning of the year
Watching every window
Every door
Waiting for what we were trained to here

“ go do your homework
Up in your room
Let the grownups do the talking
This don’t concern you”

This year I turned 16
One more year than my friend
She had gone to run the mile
And all she could see was red
As she fell upon the tile
Though not the first to end up dead

But they say
They say we're just children
That we couldn’t understand
What it takes to break a human
When we know what makes a human
What makes it tick

I watch the second and tick by 
When the adults left us to die
I waited, counting my breath’s
Counting the heads
Of those not yet dead

But we are just children 
And you cannot force
Us say our final goodbyes
Go be good girls and little boys
As you grownups
Play with your deathly toys
Instagram: @write.r.die


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  • ???

    This is absolutely amazing!!!

    about 1 year ago
  • lamonnaie

    Damn this is really good. I love the use of repetition and it really helped to tie the whole thing together.

    about 1 year ago