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poetry: it's what i drink, it's what i read at 3am, it's what i'm crying over

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feedback and critiques are golden:) now that we're all moaning about the boredom at home, we can give/share more feedback. i for one need to start placing winners from my previous contest and finish those reviews from months ago. i really am a horrible human being. (note to self: no future contests ever again)

this love is worth more than all the pennies in the world

March 16, 2020



retching on desert oasis,
the rain percolating into unblinking retinas.
lipstick stains on your
our love is sunlight slitting our hands
into rose petals.
penniless, we are, yet
i'm still clasping ticket-stubs to your jacket
and you're still pressing wildflowers
to my lips.

Finished: (13/03/2020 7:52PM)

i realise that all anyone is talking about now is this: the bore of being stuck at home with "nothing" to do. let me ask you this: are you, or are you not, a writer? come on, get yourself together. pick up a pen, paper, grab your digital device and pour your tumultuous thoughts out. perhaps you have writers block; here's the advice for that: watch a film (black and white, maybe?) or read a classic novel, do something you love and draw inspiration from that. feel the strings beneath your fingers—tell me what it's like to you. what do you see when you sketch or listen to/play music? bottom line is, get off your arse and go be bloody brilliant. we're going to get through this <3


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  • mia_:)

    Wow, this is stunning! This whole piece is beautiful! <3

    5 months ago
  • Brielle P. Chor

    I love the whole rhythm and diction going on throughout the piece, especially since it's really short (so you did a wonderful job being effectively intentional!) Great job! I'll make sure to look out for more of your writing:))

    7 months ago
  • Dmoral

    "our love is sunlight slitting our hands / into rose petals."
    absolutely loved these lines. favorite, which was hard to pick because i loved this piece.

    "you're still pressing wildflowers / to my lips."
    there's an innocence in this i feel like i cannot quite grasp, only brush my fingers against. i really thing this line is amazing.

    good god this deserves more praise, it's gorgeous and breathtaking. anyway, i was looking for a good read and went to see who i follow, clicked your profile, and definitely wasn't disappointed. this is one of my new favorites.

    8 months ago