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Message to Readers

This is part four. Two people have told me that my third one, Riad the castle does not flow correctly and that the rhythm needs work. If anyone has the chance, please look at it and give me some advice! Thanks

Queen of Thieves: My Life For Theirs

March 19, 2020


I looked up at the castle, all the city's thieves at my side
After this, the thieves beside me might not have to hide
I took a deep breath, a horrible feeling curled in my gut
We were here to save a mother thief and her child, but...
This was also an attack to prove to the Queen how we play
We needed to prove to her that thieves would not go away

And within moments we had infiltrated the Queen's castle
We were her problem, her plague, her main hassle
And we'd never bow to the one who tried to drive us out
And walking through the halls, I swore our whispers were shouts
But they weren't and we made it to the vile dungeons deep below
Seeing the thief inside the cage made my heart calm and slow

She was alive and awake and we could easily pick the lock
But as we walked out, a younger thief slipped on a rock
And he cried out, the sound echoing off of the stone walls
And every thief froze, looking like a bunch of filthy dolls
And then I burst into action and rushed everyone outside
And they were out of the castle and safe; I almost cried

But then moments before I slipped out, someone grabbed me
And at that moment my gut clenched I knew I was no longer free
I was pulled away from the opening as I saw everyone else run away
And the sun was rising, promising those thieves another fresh day
Except for me, it would seem because I was now caught by the Queen
And it wasn't too long before Hayena said I would be seen

And she entered my cell but I could not attack her and she knew it
Because my hands for stuck to the wall and some might say I blew it
I took a chance to free a thief and was captured immediately after
But I still yanked at my chains as I heard her steps and her laughter
And she took my face in her hands and smiled pulled her hand back
And then let it fly forward and hit my face with a nasty smack

But I refused to cry and I snarled at the woman before me
Because we were still at war and the queen would see
That even if I were still in her clutched I would still fight
I would kick and I would scratch and I would gnash and bite
But Hayena just smiled and tilted her bejeweled head
And then I wanted to scream at what the woman said

You are younger than I thought, for a leader of those thieves
And you are smarter and faster than any of my advisers believe
But, Jalya, you are worth the world to your rebellious friends
And only you can decide when this ridiculous war ends
So either tell them to give up or I'll kill them all.
So, "Queen of Thieves", if they die, it's your call.

My breath started coming fast and my head felt light
There was no way to get free, not with all my might
But I still shoved words out and said, Instead just kill me
Let those people out there remain with their families and free

Don't kill them, Hayena, just kill me
This is part four of Queen of Thieves.


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