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To Kill a Mockingbird Final Essay (Please give feedback it's for school)

By: ghostyboi


Hey so I have a final essay on To Kill a Mockingbird due soon and I want to know what I need to change, because school's out for a few weeks, but my english teacher still wants us to write this thing. I'm pretty bad at writing essays so any and all feedback is very much appreciated.
Prompt: Based on To Kill a Mockingbird and A Part of the Sky, write an essay explaining the similarities between Walter Cunningham and Robert Peck. Be sure to use information from BOTH excerpts to develop your essay.

    Walter Cunningham from the book To Kill a Mockingbird, and Robert Peck from A Part of the Sky are very similar to one another. Both stories take place during the Great Depression, and these two characters are similar because they both are farmers in the Great Depression, are very poor, and need money.
    The first way they are similar is that both Walter and Robert are farmers. In the excerpt from To Kill a Mockingbird, the main character’s father Atticus says, “‘The Cunninghams are country folks, farmers.’”. Atticus explains that Walter and his family are indeed farmers when Scout’s brother asks if the Cunninghams are poor. In the excerpt from A Part of the Sky, Robert Peck says, “There wasn’t a second cut of hay, and very little of our field corn could I cut or try to sell for silage. The ears were few and stunted, yet I collected every one to shuck for our chickens.” Robert was collecting corn and had chickens, so he must have been a farmer. The Cunninghams were also farmers, so Robert was similar to Walter because both their families had farms and made their money from the farm.
    Robert and Walter are also similar because they both come from poor families. Walter is shown to be poor because he can’t afford lunch. The main character, Scout, in To Kill a Mockingbird explains, “He didn’t forget his lunch, he didn’t have any. He had none today nor would he have any tomorrow or the next day. He had probably never seen three quarters together at the same time in his life.” Scout says that the Cunninghams were so poor, they couldn’t afford lunch, and she even goes as far as to claim that Walter had probably never seen three quarters together, which proves that he must be poor. In comparison, Robert Peck from A Part of the Sky says, “‘Excuse me. I want to be polite, but we don’t have a lot to spend, on anything.” Robert doesn’t have enough money to pay his taxes, and he is so poor, that he can’t spend money on anything. Walter and Robert are very similar because they both come from poor families.
    Finally, Robert and Walter are similar because they both need money. Walter needs money for his lunch at school. In paragraphs 4 and 7 in the excerpt from To Kill a Mockingbird it says, “‘Did you forget your lunch this morning?’ asked Miss Caroline… ‘Yeb’m’, he finally mumbled.” Walter didn’t have any lunch, and so he needed money to be able to eat. Robert faces a similar problem when he needs money to pay off his taxes. In the excerpt from A Part of the Sky, Robert says when he was asked if he’s paying his taxes, “I swallowed. “No, because I don’t have the thirty-five dollars. Not a penny of it. My father died,” Robert’s dad died, so now he needs money to pay taxes. Both Walter and Robert need money - Walter for food, and Robert for taxes.
    Robert Peck from A Part of the Sky and Walter Cunningham from To Kill a Mockingbird are both very much alike. They both are farmers that lived during the Great Depression, and they both are very poor. They also both need money for essential things like food and taxes. The stories of Robert Peck and Walter Cunningham are only two of many that are very similar.

Please review I need a good grade lol

Peer Review

I enjoy writing academic essays, so I was really excited to find one on WtW! First off, your topic and summary sentences are great! They really frame each paragraph well. And you chose great evidence from the novels!

I didn’t leave a comment about this above because I don’t think it’s essential, but some of your commentary sentences directly after the quotations seemed repetitive. Maybe change up the wording or vocabulary a bit to add something new, while keeping the same meaning to explain the passage. But if you can’t find a way to reword it, no worries, because what’s most important is that you explain the quotations and their connections. You do that perfectly here.

Reviewer Comments

Great work! School essays are stressful, but you tackled this one well!