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i still dream of you

est. 26.9.19

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there were constellations in your eyes;
those downtrodden lifeless eyes held shooting stars
and i watched them fly across gray irises
bursting into light never before seen
and how could i not be enchanted?

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It Was Funny Once

March 14, 2020


There used to be laughter 
evoked from that single word 
Jokes that surrounded it, 
filling the halls with sounds of 
carelessness lined with relief. 
But now, its spread
And no longer is it the joke that it once was 
Because now, people don't laugh because it's funny 
They laugh because it lets them breathe 
Because when I go to church 
The mass of people 
has dwindled down to only a few 
With the father saying 
The word of the lord
And only being responded with 
a slight murmur instead of a shout 
The freeway that once lit up with 
bumper-to-bumper traffic 
Is empty, few stragglers still venturing to travel 
Stores once filled with stocked up shelves
With tired and contemplative expressions 
Replaced with empty shelves 
And hurried customers rushing to stock up supplies, 
Stocking up on toilet paper, paper towels, water bottles, 
anything that will help them feel as normal as can be 
Restaurants once filled with lively customers on a Friday night 
Barren with only a few people 
Schools are shutting down, closing up for at least 2 weeks 
With seniors worrying about prom and graduation 
Joking about an online graduation
And all these things are happening 
Because of something that was funny once 


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  • anemoia (#words)

    somehow just saw this and
    hits different now

    4 months ago