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Loony... Luna Lovegood

February 11, 2021


I think there is a hidden truth behind Luna Lovegood. She is one of the most beloved Harry Potter characters of all time. Even casual fans fall under her enchanting spell, yet, Luna isn't thought of in this way in the Wizarding World... she is typed as an outcast. The wonderfully ironic thing is, we open a book or turn to the screen, and we adore these unique and quirky characters. But when we meet someone in our own lives who is different or individual we ridicule them, and go home to our fandoms wishing we could meet our favourite characters. 

- a fellow Ravenclaw
“I think they think I’m a bit odd, you know. Some people call me ‘Loony’ Lovegood, actually.”


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  • SamRose

    That is totally true! That is perfect. And I am also a Ravenclaw. XD

    2 months ago
  • BriRiley

    I love this! And its so true! I'm a Ravenclaw too!

    2 months ago