Who She Was, Who She Is

March 13, 2020

PROMPT: Love After Love

She use to dream about being more beautiful,
Beautiful like the woman that would appear in vogue,
Beautiful as the sun, the moon, and especially the stars,
She always wanted to be unique, 
But all she ever thought of herself was dull and what everyone would call 'normal'
She didn't appreciate the way she was made, 
From the tip of her toes, to the speck in her right eye, to the very roots of hair that sits on her head,
She thought nothing of how beautiful and extraordinary she is now, 
All that circled her mind was; why can't I be like her?, With those pretty unique eyes, and hair as golden as the sun, 
Why was I made this way?,
That was Who She Was, who she had made herself out to be,
Now, she looks into the very mirror in her bathroom and see someone she's come to love,
The person in the mirror is stronger, smarter, and more beautiful then ever, 
She's brave, confident, kind and even makes a lot of mistakes but guess what,
She is proud of herself and proud of how far she's come, 
She's proud of where she is from,
Though she may not be the most beautiful person in the world or the most intelligent,
She is extraordinary and beautiful in her own way, 
Ways that other may not see for even she did not see it for a while too,
But she's learnt a lot of life lessons and will continue to learn more,
Life will still be challenging but in the end she will push past it and live as best as she can, as best as she is now,
This is Who She Is.



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1 Comment
  • Fabiana250

    This was really moving!!!

    12 months ago