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i've never been one for theatrics, and yet...

september 2018 - august 2020

if i can't escape my fate, then i will make myself a story

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so a lot of the people where i live have been denying the spread of the corona virus, calling it a political hoax, blown up by the media, shit like that.
they stopped talking [march 12].

effective monday (tomorrow for my school district) all schools in the state are closed for at least three weeks. free time, but also grueling online classwork and three weeks of not being able to leave the house. I never really thought it would get to this point, especially where i live.

i'm sorry this isn't really poetry, i just needed to organize something because the way this day began is radically different compared to the way it's ending. it's like my brain has jet lag and is still trying to catch up with the current situation.

in other news, my dad and nearly 40 of his coworkers may have been exposed to the virus; nothing is confirmed yet, we're still waiting for test results, but it's very unsettling to know that people i know and love are at risk.

stay safe and smart, everyone.

a timeline in a state where science is subjective

March 15, 2020


if corona virus wore pants, would it wear them like [this] or like [this]
and we snickered behind our screens, tossing chips and playing cards across lunch tables.

our laughs don’t come so easy now.

a few months later and it reared its ugly head in a country wholly and pridefully unprepared for a pandemic.

the week began in earnest, artificially happy american teenagers ignoring clouds of doom and homework on the horizon. The virus was here but miles away from us, tucked into corners of hospital sheets on the other side of the state.
my lab partner carried a bottle of hand sanitizer with her; my other classmates continued to rub the haze of afternoon from their eyes.

on wednesday my coach made jokes at our buffet-style banquet; hopefully the state doesn’t shut us down, don’t sneeze on the pasta.
[my now-former captain pretends to garrote someone; good riddance]

i woke up this morning waiting for the shoe to drop;
not waiting but wading through time, my school-muddled brain struck by whiplash;
anna wanted us to sign a petition; [most states have common sense but mine has a state-wide wrestling meet] let’s throw logic out the window and let anyone attend the match;
why prevent the inevitable? it won’t kill us.

anna is silent now.

at lunchtime we decided it was not a matter of if, but when the school doors would shut. i gave it a week; 
at 2:20 we watched the governor in biology as he banned gatherings of more than a hundred people.
what do we do if we don’t come into school tomorrow?
 the class clown had no smirk;
mrs. hurt said she highly doubted that would happen; the final announcements urged us to bring our chromebooks home.
just in case.
the halls were still full as beehives in july but my human intuition was prickling;
at 2:45 i got in my car.
three texts. one minute. one message.
and so began my month-long spring break; no corn-raised student will tread the hallowed halls of the trojans come monday.
no one is calling it an overreaction anymore.

and still i sit here, useless, trying to crank out poems because i don't know what else to do, because there is nothing to do.
written on thursday, march 12, 2020


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  • Huba Huba

    So relatable. I'm pissed at the ones who won't wear masks.

    about 1 year ago
  • ghostyboi

    I know it seemed like everything closed overnight. Our state has schools closed for 3 weeks, as well as any establishment other than grocery stores and pharmacies. We've had over 100 confirmed cases. Stay safe

    over 1 year ago
  • poetri

    I felt this in the very depths of my soul. So scary how it all changed so fast.

    over 1 year ago
  • Anha

    it's terrifying to think that we are living through history right now. stay safe, we'll get through thi.

    over 1 year ago
  • A Breath Into Silence

    I'm in a similar boat. Although my school hasn't closed, our governor did declare a public health emergency today. Our school has canceled around 20 events in 2 hours.

    over 1 year ago