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Well what can I say am just a kid trying to live his life

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I wanna show how much you can underestimate yourself and lose your mind

Is it worth it?

March 10, 2020


How can you be sure about this?
How can you know your future?
All you doing is listening to the dark
And he’s not friendly not at all.
So why do you let it consume you?
Why do you let it destroy your life bit by bit?
You lost people because of him but you still listen.
You lost love of your life because of him but you still let him consume you.
I warned you about him but you thought you was stronger and smarter than him.
You underestimated her and yourself and you screwed up.
You underestimated your lovers words.
So am gonna look at your soulless eyes and keep asking you the same question till you stand on the bridge and ready to jump.
I will say the question very painful to make your remember and I will say.
”Fabian was it all worth it?” 


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1 Comment
  • ava09

    I really like this it's reallyyy deep I think and it's an interesting series of questions to pose to yourself or to anyone really.

    3 months ago