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New Peace

March 9, 2020


With a grasp you grip my firm hand,
And pull me close to your waist.
The stars collide
In an apocalyptic night after 

What is a sun 
That hides behind a cloud but a light
so hopeless yet so loud. 

We all cry and hate,
Such angry undertones we make,
Now why do we not just want for peace.

"Peace is not always peaceful", you say.
This is cause our world is one of hate,
Peace should be peaceful 
but power gets in the way.
like lightning and thunder,
On a sunny clear day.

Our minds are warped much more than our leaders,
Perhaps that is
Why we would be better.

THEY expect too much of US...
To fix their problems made by others,
To fix the world NOT our minds.

THEIR selfish natures triggers ours
anxieties building high, 
wanting animosity  within the mist of the narcissistic.

WE are the ones who will fix this world,
The ones who will redefine peace and meaning  
UNLIKE YOU we do this for us for 
OUR future 


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  • paige_perigo2004

    Thanks it means a lot

    2 months ago
  • ava09

    For "idfk" this is really good lol. I like how you used capitalization of the important words towards the end that really packed a punch ad the whole piece was very insightful.

    3 months ago