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I may come back to this for some editing and additional messages, or maybe not. Positive comments are always welcome. Much love, Ethan.

To Ethan, "When I Go Home."

June 28, 2016


Dear Ethan,
    Well, you've done it. Everything you have ever dreamed in this life time has happened, and now you can live in that dream! Nothing was easy, but nothing will ever be easy. You pushed through your life with love, glory, pride, and a warrior spirit. You never let a single thing stop you, and you completed everything that you needed to to make you happy. That's all that you have ever wanted in your life, to be happy.
    You went on a very powerful tour around the world, where you were able to spread your love with many. Your writing has been sung, read, and heard by billions upon billions of people. Every time you underestimated yourself, you grew stronger and made more art than you could imagine. This was the life time where you changed not only yourself, but the entire world. You made God's light shine radiantly throughout the entire Earth...and the entire universe!
    You feared many things, but you only ever found faith in those patchy areas. That is what you did for many other people-you let them know that they aren't alone. They have the same passions and aspirations as many other people and they were all able to feel that when you helped them.
    Never let go of the time you spent here on Earth now, because this time is going to last eternities. You are forever loved now and always by those who you've met in this lifetime, and many other lifetimes. Never let that go.
    Enjoy your next journey, learn lots, and never ever forget. 

                                                                                                                                                        With love and pride,
                                                                                                                                                         Ethan (14 years old)
                                                                                                                                                          June 28, 2016
For right now, this letter is what it is...changes may be coming along the next few weeks. 

I am also a very spiritual person, that is where a lot of the things I have mentioned come from.

Thank you, and positive and beneficial comments are accepted for sure!


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