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Dear Me

June 28, 2016


Dear Me,

You're 30 now!! Happy birthday!

First of all, I hope that you've followed your dreams. I hope that you've succeeded your way through med school, and become a wonderful doctor (of any kind you choose). As a matter of fact, no matter what you choose to become, I hope you are happy with where you are in life, and made a career choice with no one else's help but your own. I hope that you didn't give in to other people's wishes about how you should lead your life, but at the same time...I hope you didn't distance yourself from the ones who care the most. 

I hope you have wonderful friends (and maybe a family, who knows?) that cherish you for who you are and will always have your back. I wonder if you're still in touch with your high school friends? I wonder what university you went to, who you met there, and what you accomplished. I hope that you're still in touch with as many people as you can be...because you're not very good at that.

I'm writing this in the summer between sophomore and junior year. I'm a little apprehensive about next year, with all of the APs and the SATs and the ACTs...I hope that I don't get too bogged down by work that I don't get time to do anything I like. At the same time though...I'm really really excited about AP Bio...I just have a good feeling about it! But who knows, I had a good feeling about this year...and it went well (except it was crappy at the end). But I've moved past that, this summer has helped me realize that things really do happen for a reason (okay, yeah, that was a tiny bit pathetic and cheesy, but hey, it's true)!

I hope you're still playing the flute (and if you're not, to start again). I hope you're still doing yoga (it's the only thing that keeps you calm...surely you haven't left it)! I hope you finally started Bharatnaatyam of now...I'm still scared to. But I hope you have, you've always wanted to.

This is weird, I don't know how I'm going to feel when I open this again, but I hope that I'm happy! Well, I have to go eat dinner now, and I have no idea what you're going to be doing while you're reading this letter. Honestly, as long as you're not crying (which you might be, but hopefully not), it's all good! I might or might not revise it, so before you judge your younger self's writing ability, know that this was written in about ten minutes, with no initial thought process whatsoever!

Lots of love,

June 28th, 2016



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